Skin Cancer Awareness Month: 5 Skin Cancer Facts You Should Know


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How to Minimize Frown Lines

Frown lines are one of the first signs of aging many people notice. These parallel wrinkles between the eyebrows, nicknamed “11s,” can make you look angry or concerned, even when your face is at rest. Fortunately, there are several effective ways to minimize frown lines. Read on to learn more about the causes and solutions […]

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dermatologist surgeon removes a neoplasm - a mole or nevus from the patient's abdomen

Melanoma Biopsy Clinical Trial

No one likes getting a skin biopsy, but they’re a vital diagnostic tool. Fortunately, improvements to this routine procedure are happening more quickly than ever. If you want to find out how you can help make melanoma biopsies less invasive and more accurate for yourself and future patients, read on for more information about participating […]

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Pediatric Eczema Clinical Trial

Pediatric eczema is extremely common, with more than 9.6 million US children struggling with the uncomfortable skin condition. This itchy rash can be irritating to live with and sometimes causes embarrassment or self-consciousness. At Skin Care Research, our providers frequently hear from distraught parents who feel like they’ve tried everything to alleviate their child’s eczema to no avail. […]

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New Skin Care Clinical Trials

Have you ever considered participating in dermatology clinical trials? If you have a skin condition that’s not responding as well as you’d like to existing treatments, trials are a great way to access the latest advancements. At Skin Care Research, our trial participants significantly contribute to scientific advancement while receiving quality care. Why Should I […]

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Can Rosacea Run in the Family?

If someone in your family has rosacea, you may wonder if you will also develop this condition. Here is some important information on rosacea and the potential for intrafamilial transmission. What is Rosacea? Rosacea causes redness in the face. It might look like a constant blush, ruddy skin, or an acne breakout. In some cases, rosacea may […]

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What Exactly Is a Clinical Trial?

How Does a Clinical Trial Work? Clinical trials are an important part of advancing medicine for us all. They help to determine if a new drug or treatment is safe and effective. Before a clinical trial begins, research is done in the laboratory to determine if the new treatment can safely be used in humans. […]

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