Chere Lucas-Anthony, MD

Chere Lucas-Anthony, MD


Dr. Chere Lucas Anthony at Skin Care Research

Chere Lucas-Anthony, MD, FAAD is a board-certified dermatologist and investigator at Skin Care Research, where she blends continuing clinical research and consummate patient care.

In addition to her work as an investigator, Dr. Lucas also sees patients at the Rendon Center, where she provides a variety of services, including cosmetic procedures, dermatologic surgery, and pediatric and adult dermatology.

Dr. Lucas graduated from Dartmouth College where she studied Anthropology modified with Biology, earning her bachelor’s degree. Following college, she attended Duke University School of Medicine, where she earned her medical degree. Her internship in internal medicine was completed at the Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, WA. She then went on to Case Western University / University Hospitals of Cleveland, where she received specialized dermatological training.

While Dr. Lucas was attending Duke University, she was awarded a Stead Fellowship for her melanoma research, and related publications. During her time at Case Western University / University Hospitals of Cleveland, her research focused on protection from, and correction of, UV damages, and she published several papers regarding her work. She is a respected speaker locally and nationally, having given presentations on both topics.

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