How to Become a Study Participant

Become a Study Participant at Skin Care Research


Why should I participate in a Skin Care Research Study?

By participating in a dermatology-related clinical research study, you are helping researchers understand how a new dermatological medication works. You also have the potential to receive cutting-edge treatment under the supervision of medical professionals. Clinical trials are the first step in bringing new treatment options to market. Individuals who participate in clinical trials make it possible to provide new and innovative medications.

What is the importance of Clinical Trials?

At Skin Care Research, we focus on advancement of all facets of dermatological and cosmetic medications and treatments. Effective and safe new treatments and cures can only become realities if people take the initiative to participate in a clinical research study. When a trial is complete, researchers better understand how a medication benefits a specific medical condition.

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With over 25 years of experience in the execution of dermatological clinical trials, our team is highly trained and committed to ensuring that all clinical guidelines are met and that the rights of every patient are always protected.