Pediatric Eczema Clinical Trial

Pediatric Eczema Clinical Trial

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Pediatric eczema is extremely common, with more than 9.6 million US children struggling with the uncomfortable skin condition. This itchy rash can be irritating to live with and sometimes causes embarrassment or self-consciousness. At Skin Care Research, our providers frequently hear from distraught parents who feel like they’ve tried everything to alleviate their child’s eczema to no avail. That’s when our experienced team of board-certified dermatologists and clinical researchers can help.

What Can I Do When My Child’s Eczema Isn’t Getting Better?

Eczema (or atopic dermatitis) is a chronic skin condition. While there isn’t a cure, there are several treatment options, including antibiotic and corticosteroid creams, light therapy, or oral medications. Unfortunately, these treatments don’t work for everyone. 

Dealing with eczema is frustrating enough when you’re an adult, but it can be particularly difficult for children when their skin condition doesn’t improve. Clinical trials don’t guarantee we’ll find a successful treatment for eczema in children, but they do provide an opportunity to access the latest medical advances. When traditional treatments aren’t working, trials offer a strong chance of finding relief.

Should I Enroll My Child in a Clinical Trial?

As a parent, your number one concern is always your child’s safety. It’s our top priority too. Skin Care Research has 25 years of experience conducting FDA-regulated dermatological clinical trials. Before enrolling your child in a pediatric eczema trial, our researchers will provide a detailed overview of the risks and benefits. 

Additionally, we know healthcare costs are a major burden for many parents. At Skin Care Research, your child will receive treatment from our highly skilled board-certified dermatologists. There’s no participation cost or required health insurance, and you may receive compensation for time and travel.

Your child also needs to meet certain criteria to enroll in a clinical trial. For example, our upcoming pediatric atopic dermatitis trial is for children two to 17 years old with mild to severe atopic dermatitis. 

Find Pediatric Eczema Trials Near Me

Skin Care Research has locations in Dallas, Texas, and Hollywood, Miami, Tampa, and Boca Raton, Florida. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in a pediatric clinical eczema trial or want to know more about the work we’re doing, contact us at 561-948-3116. Our providers are happy to answer any questions about childhood eczema treatments or upcoming trials.