New Skin Care Clinical Trials

New Skin Care Clinical Trials


Have you ever considered participating in dermatology clinical trials? If you have a skin condition that’s not responding as well as you’d like to existing treatments, trials are a great way to access the latest advancements. At Skin Care Research, our trial participants significantly contribute to scientific advancement while receiving quality care.

Why Should I Participate in a Dermatology Clinical Trial?

In addition to trying new treatments, participating in a clinical trial at Skin Care Research has several benefits, including:

  • You’ll receive exceptional care from our experienced board-certified dermatologists and clinical research investigators.
  • Your treatment will likely be free or low-cost, even without health insurance. Some trials will compensate you for your time and travel costs.
  • Our center has 25 years of experience executing FDA-regulated clinical trials.

If you choose to participate in a dermatology trial, you’re in good hands at Skin Care Research. Our providers are dedicated to protecting the rights of every patient and meeting all clinical guidelines. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Skin Care Clinical Trials?

Before participating in a clinical trial, our providers will rule out any health issues that might disqualify you. We’ll also discuss scheduling to ensure the time commitment required fits into your life.

Some clinical trials Skin Care Research is enrolling for in 2023 include:

Spots often fill up quickly, but new options are added frequently. Check out our active trials to find out if you qualify.

Contribute to New Skin Care Advancements

Living with a stubborn dermatological condition can be frustrating, but clinical trials provide a chance to find an effective treatment. When you participate in our research, you’re not just helping yourself. You’re also helping others with the same condition. If you’re interested in participating in Skin Care Research’s upcoming clinical dermatology trials in Boca Raton, Hollywood, Miami, and Tampa, Florida, or Dallas, Texas, call 561-948-3116.