I Joined a Clinical Trial – Now What?

I Joined a Clinical Trial – Now What?


If you have just joined a clinical trial, you may be wary and a bit anxious for your health and well-being. While these feelings are completely understandable, clinical trials are designed to keep everyone involved, including yourself, safe. In this blog, we are going to go over some of the reasons why clinical trials are a great opportunity, why you shouldn’t be anxious or nervous about the trial, and what you should do once you have signed up for one.

What Is a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials serve a purpose, to gather research about new tests and treatments. They want to test the safety and reliability of the treatment. It can be intimidating to sign up for a clinical trial since it is for research purposes. But there are many rules and policies set in place to make sure that you are safe. All clinical trials are completely safe and conducted by medical professionals, and in your case, board-certified dermatologists with years of research experience. This is to ensure that the trial is conducted optimally. Trials also adhere to FDA guidelines for participant safety. Therefore, do not be nervous when joining a clinical trial, your safety is a top priority.

What to Do After Signing Up

When you sign up for a clinical trial, you will have instructions given or sent to you. You must follow these instructions adamantly. The integrity of the trail relies on these instructions. They could tell you times to take the medication or treatment, or they could even tell you to journal your progress throughout the study to get further, more in-depth data.

We Have Clinical Trials For You

Clinical trials are designed to keep you and the other participants safe. If you have signed up for a clinical trial, we appreciate your contribution and look forward to seeing what research we can gather. At Skin Care Research in Florida & Texas, we have plenty of clinical trials that need volunteers. If you are interested in joining a clinical trial, contact us at 561-948-3116 or visit us online at skincareresearch.org to learn more about what clinical trials are available. We look forward to speaking with you!