3 Ways to Manage Vitiligo in the Summer

3 Ways to Manage Vitiligo in the Summer


Living with vitiligo can make the summer particularly difficult. That is why Skin Care Research is dedicated to managing FDA-regulated clinical trials that drive evidence-based treatment for skin disorders, such as vitiligo. As you consider these clinical trials, read further to learn the three best ways to protect your skin against ultraviolet rays if you have vitiligo.

How Does the Summer Affect Vitiligo?

The ultraviolet rays from the sun hit their peak during summer months. It is known that the sun’s uv rays can cause skin damage and cancer, but the sun’s uv rays are uniquely worse for people who have vitiligo. The lack of melanin in your skin makes your skin more susceptible to sunburns, heat rashes, and sun damage.

Here’s How to Manage Vitiligo During the Summer

Choose Chemical Sunscreen

Chemical sunscreen sits on your skin longer than mineral sunscreen. Chemical sunscreen is also less likely to wash off if you go for a swim. Therefore, chemical sunscreen is a better option to protect against uv damage than mineral sunscreen.

Avoid the Sun During Peak Hours

The sun is usually at its hottest from 11 am to 3 pm. In Texas, the sun peaks from 4pm to 6pm. In Florida, it peaks at 4 pm. You should avoid extensive sun exposure during these hours. You are more likely to suffer uv damage if you are outside during peak hours. If you must be outside during these hours, then wearing sunscreen, sunhats, sunglasses, and clothes that cover your vitiligo are recommended.

Carry Moisturizes

Despite your best efforts, you may get the occasional sunburn or heat rash. Therefore, you should carry moisturizers and skin creams to place on your wounds in case you suffer an injury.

Vitiligo Clinical Research

Having vitiligo can diminish your quality of life and make you less enthusiastic about the summer. Our team at Skin Care Research uses that as our motivation to conduct clinical trials to find a solution to pigmentation-related conditions. We work out of Florida and Texas and have offices in Boca Raton, Hollywood, Miami, Tampa, and Dallas. If you have vitiligo and would like to participate in one of our clinical trials in one of the aforementioned locations, then feel free to call our headquarters at 561-948-3116.