Is aloe vera good for psoriasis?

Is aloe vera good for psoriasis?

Beauty Portrait Of Woman With Aloe Vera Slices

Aloe vera has long been known to have beneficial properties – you may have seen someone pluck a leaf from an aloe vera plant, cut it in half, and rub the gel-like inside on a minor cut or a burn. And if you are suffering with psoriasis, you may be wondering if aloe vera’s amazing healing properties can help you.

Why is aloe vera so beneficial?

Aloe vera doesn’t just make a nifty house plant. Aloe vera is full of beta-carotene, antioxidants, vitamins C, A, and E, magnesium, calcium, and folic acid. It seems to have not only soothing properties, but also antibacterial properties and is used to relieve sunburns, moisturize the skin, and reduce the time a wound will typically take to heal. It can also lighten skin blemishes, fight age lines, and reduce acne. And its use doesn’t just benefit skin! It is also said to provide heartburn relief, help bleeding or swollen gums to feel better, lower blood sugar, and it can even act as a laxative.

And, yes, it has been used to help those with psoriasis, although the experts say more research is needed to determine to what extent it can be used for psoriasis and to see what the long-term effects are. And, you should know that some people are allergic to it, so before you cover a large patch of your skin with it, do a test on one small area to make sure you won’t have a reaction (if you are allergic to garlic or onions, you may have an increased risk of being allergic to aloe vera).

You don’t have to get it straight from the plant, either, to reap its benefits. You can try a topical gel or a cream with aloe vera in it that you can get from your local drug store. You should know that it might take several applications before you really see any difference.

If you decide you want to give aloe vera (or any other alternative treatment) a try to help your psoriasis, you should speak to your doctor about it first. Call Skin Care Research today, at (561) 948-3116, for help finding the right treatment for psoriasis!