The Best Winter Skincare for Acne

The Best Winter Skincare for Acne


Your skin takes a beating in the winter, even in the warmer climates of Florida and Southern California. Wind can irritate and damage skin and aggravate acne flareups. The best winter skincare for acne includes finding a cleanser that is gentle enough to use every day as well as a moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated without adding oils that clog your pores.

Do I Need a Different Cleanser in the Winter?

Depending on the climate you’re in, you may need to swap your cleanser during the winter months. Cleansers with acne-fighting ingredients are very drying to the skin, so if you are running your heat more often than normal, your skin may get too dry. A non-medicated cleanser may be necessary for winter.

Wash Your Face Less Often

Another way to treat your acne in winter is to wash your face less often. Rinse it gently with plain water but avoid using soaps and cleansers altogether.

Moisturize Your Face

It may seem counterintuitive, but moisturizer is good for your skin and will not contribute to your acne – if you choose the right moisturizer. Look for a noncomedogenic product and avoid heavy, greasy moisturizers that clog your pores.

Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

Touching your face with your hands introduces bacteria that can exacerbate acne. Because you’re also more likely to be using a hand lotion during the winter to protect your skin, you may also be introducing a product to your face that will only increase your acne breakouts.

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